vineri, 17 octombrie 2014

                              Poptropica Land

Yes I participe at PoptropicaLand challenge:)

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marți, 14 octombrie 2014


                    Patricia Sky and Marc Gabriel

Patricia Sky : " I'm a girl of 14 years old . I play poptropica a few 3 years ago . I play the piano and 
                         I don't sing with the voice .My preferate matters are music , english ,spanish , maths.
                         I love to play the computer . I played transformice .
  Marc Gabriel : I' m a boy of 15 years old. I play poptropica a few 4 years ago. I love the matters:
                         maths, informathyc , music ,french , german , english and fizhyc . I did the first Patricia's account and this blog and the Patricia's gmail .

 Patricia = Fashion Designer
Gabriel = Blog Writter

                              My account(s):))

 Okay I don't lie , I have 4 accounts:)
This is first my account : tikim2 . This is the original and the first my account . Now I have 550 friends + 41 islands . I change my account because the poptropican's name is Neat Bones!
The second of my accounts : Flowerofmoon . This account have the  poptropican name : " Red Crown " . In this count i do 32 islands.
The 3rt have username: Sky20560 . This account have poptropican name " Speedy Sky " . A irrony
my family name is Sky . :)
The final (not known) account : Sky20859. This account have poptropican name "Super Star" . This poptropican name is perfect ,no?

                            Angel Rock Star!

I do a new costume ! This is a combination of Rock Star, Angel and Biker.
Rock Star ( 225  minim credits)
                 (300 maxim credits)
  • Hair: Buy Angel and copy the hair only hair!
  • Bangs ,sheert: Buy Rockstar and for bangs and t-sheert copy from black Rockstar 
  • Headphones: Go to Lunar Colony and copy from the teen boy
  • Jacket: Buy Biker and copy the jacket
  • Pants ,belt : You can find all at common rooms
  •  (OPTIONAL) Buy Pop Star and copy the microphone

                                      Emo Angel.

This suite is simple but okay  . Look:
           For this you will need:

  • The blouse,hair,bangs,pants: Go to Reality Tv and watch for this emo
  • The wings: Buy Angel costume and copy the wings

                                     A suite for boys.

From the title ,this suite is for boys! This is the image:

You will need:
  • Hair: From Dead ( Haunted House)
  • Sheert: Don't must to be this T-sheert but to be black
  • Cape: Ringmaster Raven from Monster Carnival
  • Belt : Go to Astro-Knight and copy the boy with blue(Main Street)
  • Pants:Black don't
  • Jacket: Go to Red Dragon and copy jacket from the girl with a dog.


                                               He everybody!

Sorry because I posted only 1 yesterday but I will revange:

                    Ringmaster Raven 

I know, this is no Raven but I copyed this style . You will need:
  • Cape: Buy Masked Hero and copy the cape
  • Hair , drees and shirt: For sheert and hair go to Astro-Knights and go to Secret Sanctum and for sheert go to in front of Arturu's Castle (Astro-Knight)
  • For belt :Go to Red Dragon and copy the belt from ninja suit
  • For no face: Buy Colorizer and do the skin's colour black and don't use a lipstick, use a normal smile (ex 7th Birthday costume's smile)